Jackie Dulson, BSc PhD

Professional Editor & Writer     specializing in science, medicine, and mathematics

Is preparing and finalizing your writing for publication taking you away from the true heart of your work? As an experienced editor with an advanced science background, I can lighten your load. From developmental editing of a textbook, copy editing of a journal article, or proofreading of a grant application (and much more besides), I can efficiently and accurately help you get your next writing project ready for publication. Then, you can get back to the fun stuff!


Why Work with Me?

Since 1996, I have been helping authors of science, medicine, and mathematics books and articles traverse the publication process successfully. As well as formal training and extensive experience as an editor, I hold a doctorate in biology and was a bench scientist for close to a decade. My editing experience includes science, medical, and mathematics textbooks (K-12 and higher education), journal articles, clinical reports, continuing medical education resources, and educational animations, working with Chicago, AMA, ACS and house style guides. I also have written textbook chapters, teachers' guides, assessment resources, peer-reviewed journal articles, and biotechnology industry reports. I speak (and write) geek!

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Client testimonials

"Jackie has been working for Decker as a proof reader since June 2015. She applies our style conscientiously, corrects grammatical errors diligently, and has excellent attention to detail. Her doctorate in biology has truly been useful in catching errors that otherwise would have been missed. Jackie also provides quick turnarounds. Thank you, Jackie!"

Susan Cooper, Managing Editor, Decker Intellectual Properties; June 2016

"Jackie has been copyediting JUMP Math material for two years. Her ability to effortlessly switch gears between projects for audiences ranging from ages 5 to 14, and between material for Canadian and American markets, has always impressed me. In addition to diligently addressing all of our concerns on a given project, Jackie often notices inconsistencies or errors that were missed in previous reviews of a manuscript, which helps us avoid embarrassing mistakes. Jackie can also be relied upon to keep to a project’s schedule and is always quick to notify me if there are challenges in a given file that might impact her ability to meet the deadline."

Megan Burns, Managing Editor, JUMP Math; June 2016

"Jackie edited a Student Workbook and Instructor Guide related to food safety awareness training for Open School BC, which involved cross-referencing these two documents with an online course and working with our in-house Editorial Style Guide. She was prompt and professional, and her editing work on these two resources was superb."

Adrian Hill, Educational Project Manager, Open School BC; July 2016

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